Make a difference in your 
business without feeling trapped.

The Maverick Accelerator is where individuals and business owners operate at their 
highest point of contribution. 

What is a Maverick?

Maverick Defintion: NOUN 
"An unorthodox or independent-minded person."
- Oxford Dictionary

FREEDOM to be yourself...

and to do work that’s rewarding, meaningful and ignites passion

Why do we settle for less of ourselves when we know in our hearts that we have so much more to offer? Maybe, it's because we don't know what we're capable of. 

What if, just maybe, the Maverick Accelerator could show you your greatness. What if today you made that decision to be responsible for your own value? The problem with not taking action is that now you know that this is here to help you. You've seen it, but you may not believe it. Ok, so tomorrow when you've done nothing about taking charge of your life, and you only have yourself to blame, what then?


Does this sound familiar?

Have you tried loads of personality tests to help you get a clear understanding of your real strengths?

The likelihood is that you have tried various tests, and you're not even a single step closer. Ummm...closer to what? Closer to your best.
Why is that? Why can't you just figure it out. Because, it's hard and that's not your fault. All you really want to know with confidence and certainty is, what are great at and how can I give my best without it killing me.  You know...that place where you operate on the edge of your zone of excellence.  Those moments where your insight meets your magic and it's fantastic. How can you access that more?  

Well, thats what the Maverick Acclerator can help you understand. 

You’re reading this now and you’ve probably tried to do a few (or all) of the following things:

  • You’ve done tons of personality tests about who you are and what you do well. Perhaps accurate but at times confusing because they're picking up what you are good at, but this doesn't explain why you don't enjoy these things.
  • And what about the struggle to implement your results. In a few months you’ve all but forgotten your report results as you were not really certain how to apply it.
  • You know you need to focus on your strengths. But too often, the things you are are good at, you don’t enjoy - you’re confused about your real strengths and your direction.
  • ​You’ve been told over and over again that growing a business is a lot of hard work. You need to make sacrifices. You have to do the stuff you don't enjoy. The buck stops with you and being hands-on and ‘down in the trenches’ is what’s expected. 
  • ​You’ve tried talking to successful entrepreneurs and business coaches, or following experts on social media, but you ended up more lost than before.
  • ​You’ve subscribed to expensive membership groups and support platforms and you haven’t been able to figure out how to solve your particular problem. 
Most importantly, after everything you’ve tried, you’re still not sure of your natural strengths and talents and where you add the most meaningful difference. You crave that confidence and certainty to BACK YOURSELF!
When faced with a big decision, you want the path aligned to you and YOUR Vision, without justification. 
Call it selfish, label it arrogance, or you could JUST BE YOURSELF WITHOUT THE GUILT!

You want something backed by SCIENCE, LOGIC and FACTS, yet also provides you with FREEDOM to grow in alignment with your better self.  

We know, so many of people have been there, and it's definitely a struggle. All we want is for you to Shine!

You are not alone!

Brands who have Accelerated their Mavericks!

 Your Unique Report 
for you to
      Live Your Strength! 
Price: $97.00 
Special (Free 40min Debrief worth $150.00 included) 

Learn How To Enjoy Your Life Without The Guilt...  

  • Make the greatest use of your natural strengths. 
  • ​Enjoy freedom from guilt when you identify your weaknesses. 
  • ​Learn how to back yourself and build self-confidence.
  •  ​Enhance your focus, decision making & clarity of thought.
  • Be Unapologetic about owning your happiness
The Maverick Accelerator questionnaire will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. From there you will be emailed a report with your uniqueness.
 Your Report:
"How To Enjoy Your Life WitHout The guilt!"
Price: $97
Discover How To:
  • Make The Greatest Use Of Your Natural Strengths. 
  • ​ ​Enhance Your Focus, Decision Making & Productivity.
  • ​​Get More Done, In Less Time, With Less Effort.
  • ​Boost Flexibility. Experience Freedom
The Maverick Accelerator questionnaire will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. From there you will be emailed your unique report on your specific brain profile.

What Is The Maverick Accelerator?

Your unique Maverick Accelerator Report is a BENCHMARK! Your MA report highlights key areas of your life that are IN ALIGNMENT and areas where you are OUT of ALIGNMENT. 

How does it do this? 

By providing you with unique 26-page detailed report that walks you through a detailed Work and Lifestyle Assessment:-

 How you use your brain at home versus at work; where you are on the introvert/extravert spectrum; how talents and tasks match or don’t; a full stressor diagnostic for your workplace environment and emotional identity.

And benefits ? 

 * Your MA Report helps you to identify where you are right now, which areas of your life are not aligned and the changes you need to make to accelerate your potential. It also tracks the extent you are using your Primary Mode. Where your brain is most comfortable and concentration and understanding come easily.  

What makes the MA unique? 

The MA has been specifically designed to identify ADAPTION.  

ADAPTION occurs when we must consistently operate outside of our natural strengths. The consequence of Adaption is that we are less productive and may become ill or exhausted, feel worthless, and end up depressed or anxious.

Why do we Adapt?

Home Life: The home you were raised in, can push you out of your Primary Mode and force you to operate in another mode. Certain relationships may also move us away from our natural style.

School Life: A Left-Brained schooling system may have pushed out of your Mode. Before you know it you've pursued a tertiary education that’s not aligned with your natural strengths and you're trapped doing work based on the skills you’ve learned, rather than passion and strength.

Work Life: As a Business Owner / Entrepreneur you have to fulfill different roles, learn new tasks and take in vasts amount of information everyday. You're trying to be good at everything, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day. You’re confused because your good at doing all the different tasks, but it comes at a price!

The Maverick Accelerator gives you the confidence to be yourself! 
   * To do more work you have a passion for. 

  *  Boost your performance and productivity.

  *  Know when to use your natural strengths at the right time and in the right situation. 

   * Identify where you are ‘gaining’ and losing’ energy. 

   * Be more energised, confident and happier than you thought possible.

When you are true to yourself and in alignment with who you are, you experience a greater sense of meaning, fulfilment and joy in your life
By investing less than 30 minutes of your time, you can get the insight, clarity and confidence you need to make a move in the right direction.

When how you think and what you’re best at are aligned with what you do and what you consider success. You can perform better, stress less, recharge faster, have more energy, find more time, and make more money.
What's in Your Report?
Level 1: Your Brain Profile   
  • ​Your Overall Brain Profile. 
  • ​Discover Your Primary Mode
  • ​How are you using your brain at WORK versus how are you using your brain at HOME. 
Level 2: Introversion / Extraversion   
  • ​Identify where you are losing and gaining energy; How much 'alone time' or 'busy time' you need in a day to stay energised and productive.
Level 3:  Lifestyle Audit
  • ​The extent you are Adapting. I.e. Operating outside of your Primary Mode; Unbalanced Introversion/ Extraversion needs and your Work and Home environment. 
  • Identifies physical symptoms of Adaption (headaches / fatigue / low mood /anxiety).   
  • ​Your Stressors and Emotional Tone.
Level 4: Understand The Science
  • ​The science of your Four (4) Modes of thinking. 
  • ​How to Balance Your Introversion and Extroversion.
  • ​Navigate Your Adaption.  
As a leader, you can give your team the tools they need to grow, align the right tasks to the right people. and understand how to get to that elusive next level of success. In your personal life, you can understand behaviour and communicate better, enriching relationships and allowing you to accept and love yourself and those closest to you.​

Once armed with an intimate understanding of your brain, personality and adaptions, you are ready to pursue passion and embrace opportunity! You’ll have a clear picture of the type of work you should focus on to be more productive and gratified than you thought possible. Knowledge will set you free. If your intuition is confirmed, you can let go of self-doubt. If your next step is revealed, leave confusion behind and move forward. Feel validated, inspired and powerful.
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