Never Dread Mondays Again!

Personality Assessment

Assess where your Strengths and Talents Intersect 


The education system didn't bring out your strengths and gifts.

When you entered the world of work, you're were not sure of your real strengths,  
 or how far you had moved or adapted far away from your natural inclinations.

The impact on you as a business owner and entrepreneur is that you're spending  a lot of energy doing things and fulfilling roles that fall outside your area of strength. 

You find need to be good at everything. You're working harder and longer hours, trapped by work and your business.

You're frustrated and feel like a failure because you're not using your potential.  

Bored, anxious and depressed, 
you dread Mondays and long for freedom. 

We all deserve to know our value.  

To work that we love and follow our dreams with clarity and confidence. 

We all have the right understand our real strengths and natural weaknesses.

We understand what it's like to be trapped doing work you are good at, but don't enjoy.  

We know the frustration of trying to be good at everything and losing sight of you're real value.

The Maverick Accelerator Method has been developed over 20 years by a Claire Protheroe, Master's in Critical Research Psychology and Jungian Scholar, helping hundreds of people Love What They Do.  


"Why settle for less when we know in our hearts 
that we have so much more to offer?" Ed Protheroe

You are not alone!

Brands who have Accelerated their Mavericks!


      Step 1: Click the link and purchase your Maverick Accelerator Assessment

      Step 2: Take 30 minutes to complete your Assessment

      Step 3: Look out for your unique 29-page report that's instantly emailed to you

      Step 3: Set up your 25 minute free Strategy Session to implement your results

      Step 4: Move with confidence and clarity in your business knowing that you're using your strengths and         talents

          Price: $97

          FREE: A 30 minute 1-1 Consultation with Claire Protheroe

           Interpret and Implement your unique results and GROW YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS

          Maverick Accelerator Assessment: $97.00 
          Special Offer Until 25th June 2020

          FREE 25 minute 1-1 Consultation

          Implement your unique results in your business and thrive!


          HOW IT WORKS

          Step 1: Click the link and purchase your Maverick Accelerator Assessment.

          Step 2: Take 30 minutes to complete your Assessment.

          Step 3: Look out for your report that's instantly emailed to you.

          Step 3: Set up your 25 minute free Business Consult.

          Step 4: Feel empowered to trust your instincts, saving you energy, time and money.
            The Maverick Accelerator questionnaire will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. From there you will be emailed a report with your uniqueness.

            The Maverick Accelerator Method 

            Have a clear picture of the type of work you should focus on to be more productive and gratified than you thought possible. Knowledge will set you free. If your intuition is confirmed, you can let go of self-doubt. Your next step is revealed. Leave confusion behind and move forward. 

            Once armed with an intimate understanding of your brain, personality and where you are adapting and not in line with you true self, you are ready to pursue passion and embrace opportunity!

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